YouTube Comments Not Showing – How To Fix?

So you’ve found an intriguing video and wish to see what some other people or online intellectuals have to say about it. The YouTube comments area is a beautiful realm full of the finest and intelligent remarks as well as the most disgusting jokes that can keep you browsing for hours. However, when you go to the box, all you see is a blank space.

For some people, this Youtube comments section may be empty, whereas others, like us, are confronted with an infinite loading wheel. Additionally, if the comments area does display, selecting “More Responses” after each remark restores the spinning wheel! So here are 5 best ways to fix YouTube comments not showing:

1. Check Your Internet Connection:

This is the most simple remedy to attempt if you’re having trouble with internet services. Perhaps there is a bug in the program or website that causes a split-second interruption. As a result, this should be your primary priority.

Examine the device’s network connection and that of any other if it is not visible in the present one. Users may also verify their connection speed by going to Stable connectivity with enough bandwidth is essential to view any site’s content.

2. Open Video in The Incognito Mode:

If the network speed is OK, there is a possibility that your profile or the cache needs to be cleared. Try watching the similar clip in Incognito on a phone or pc to rule out this option.

3. Sign-in with Other Google Account:

If the foregoing technique does not reveal the comments, here is an option to verify them by signing in with another account. Try checking in with a different account or asking your relatives or mates to watch the clip and verify if they can see comments.

If they see the comments but not you, it confirms that your account has any problem. Re-login after logging out. Login to your profile using a different device and see if the issue remains.

4. Clear Cookies & Cached Data:

Cache data, as well as cookies, are used to speed up and improve your browser experience. The website or program saves a little quantity of data to provide a better viewer experience. However, a bad cache might prevent some sections of the site from appearing for you. Consider cleaning this and seeing the results.

For use with Android:

After holding the app for 2 seconds you will see app info. Then go to storage and select the option “clear cache”.

For Web:

Step 1: From the burger menu, choose the setting of “Chrome”.

Step 2: Select “Clear Browsing Data” from the “Privacy and Security” menu.

Step 3: On the basic tab, pick basic settings (or advanced, if desired) and then press clear data to remove all data.

5. Turn Off Ad Blocker & Other Extensions:

An adblocker may be used to prevent specific aspects of a website that seem to be advertisements. Nonetheless, it may occasionally malfunction and mistakenly interfere with a web’s features, including preventing YouTube comments from loading properly. Regardless of whether or not they’re configured to work with YouTube, this rule applies to all add-ons and extensions.

As a precautionary measure, we recommend temporarily removing all browser extensions and plugins to see whether that’s the problem.

6. Bonus: Try Other Browser & Video:

There is a probability that your present browser has an issue and a bug has prevented comments from appearing. Confirm the problem by switching to another browser. If the comments appear in a new browser, consider uninstalling addons from your main browser, since extensions, particularly ad-blockers, may often cause websites to behave strangely.

Then, you can try another video. If you are not noticing the same problem here then there might be an issue with the previous one.

These are several simple actions that will resolve your problem with YouTube comments not appearing under a video. If none of the previous solutions works, email YouTube customer service. There may be a problem with your profile for which YouTube has disabled the comment box.


To summarise, these are 6 methods we propose for resolving the issue of YouTube comments not appearing or loading. Additionally, if you discover that your comments are not getting uploaded, a few procedures in there may be beneficial for you.

Which action did you take to resolve this YouTube error? Alternatively, do you know of a way around this problem? Please feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section.

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