Types Of Speaker Connections – Complete Guide

Not all speakers come with a speaker wire. While picking out a speaker connector, there are many factors to be considered. For starters, the speaker wire should be secure and keep the signal loss to a minimum level. Signal loss is a big issue for speakers. This is because they use powerful signals that could easily get distorted by not using the right connectors.

Another important aspect to be considered is the size of the wire. Big wires are much more useful when working with amplifiers. In this guide, we will be looking at the different speaker connectors in detail. Read on to find out more.

Types of Speaker Wire Connectors

 1. Spade Connectors

For a spade connection, you need 4 spade connectors for a single wire. There are both angled and straight spade connectors available. There isn’t a big difference between them. Usually, these connectors are sold as a set. The connectors have the appearance of a forked metal. The connectors can be hooked to the speaker through different methods like soldering and crimping.

For a strong connection, a crimping tool is recommended. Also, it is best to not use pliers. If the connection is done in the right manner, then you would not need soldering. Spade connections are ideal for connecting wires to speakers located in the vicinity of a wall. In such situations, banana plugs are not required.

 2. Banana Plugs

If the speaker has binding-post terminals, then you need to get Banana Plugs. They are slightly expensive when compared to other connectors but you can get some cheap ones online. They have a metallic collar that can be compressed to fit in the binding post hole. In the case of a 5-way binding post, we would recommend dual banana connectors over a single one.

3. Pin Connectors

These are basically a light-sized version of the banana plugs. They resemble the banana plug in many ways but do not have a spring contact. They are compatible with binding posts as well as spring clip terminals. However, these are not widely used.

4. Speakon Connectors

Speakon connectors come in two, four, or even 8 poles. The 8 pole design is larger than the other 2 variants. However, the 2 and 4-pole designs are often used interchangeably. These connectors are quite affordable and are capable of carrying more current than other connectors. Also, they have a non-shorting electrical contact and are locking plugs.

5. Phono (RCA) Connectors

RCA connectors have been in use since the early 1940s and are the most commonly used connectors. They are fairly cheap and are quite easy to use. However, an audio jack is needed to work and these connectors also lose disconnect easily like when stepped on.

6. Binding Post

Binding connectors are mostly used to connect bare wires. They can also be used with pin connectors and banana connectors. Almost all the speakers have a binding post. They are quite frequent and a cable can be hooked in two ways. You need to disconnect the speaker wire and insert it into the post hole. Feed the wire into the entry hole of the binding post. You can use banana plugs for this. On the receiver, you might find a plastic cap that ought to be removed. It is corrosion-resistant and offers good signal transfer capability.

7. XLR Connectors

XLR connectors can be found in microphone cables. The reason is that they are quite easy to replace. However, they are unable to carry a lot of power and as a result, are unsuitable for use in theaters. Moreover, it can be easily confused with other cables as well.

Speakon Jacks and Plugs

The Speakon connector was the first connector designed for audio speakers. These plugs are locking connectors and carry a lot of currents and also the contacts are non-shorting.

Quarter Inch Plug and Jack

These are also known as TRS connectors. Quarter-inch adapter is one such example.


We hope you enjoyed this article on the different types of speaker connections. All these different connectors have their own uses. For any queries regarding the content, do write to us.

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