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How many times have you captured a screenshot from your laptop or computer? Well, it can be countless times! Screenshots are now quite normal things that you use for different purposes. You may use it to store information, show some interesting facts to your friends and families, or even just for entertainment purposes.

Despite being nominal, screenshots allow us a new way to communicate and often help us share a few laughs. In the case of computers or PCs, a screenshot is often called a snippet. While Windows users have easy ways to capture a snippet with a tool, Mac users often run into trouble.

If you are a Mac user and are looking for ways to capture a snapper from your device, this is the right place for you to learn the tricks! Yes, snipping is possible with Mac computers. The device has an in-built snipping procedure that allows you to take screenshots like your windows device. There are also other tools for snipping purposes.

How to Snip on Mac

The easiest shortcut to capture a snippet on Mac is using a shortcut through the keyboards.

The Quickest way to Capture a Screenshot

You can press the combination of keys “Shift+Command+3″ to capture a quick snippet from your device. You will find a new thumbnail that will appear on your screen. You can wait for a few seconds to automatically capture the snippet. But, if you want, you can also edit the capture area by clicking on “Edit the screenshot.”

Mac Snipping Tools Control Panel

If you want to have more control over the snipping procedure, you can use the Snipping tools panel. In case you have a Mac device running the Mojave operating system or any later versions, you can use the tool from the control panel.

The shortcut is “Shift+Command+F”

After you press these keys together, the Mac Snipping Tool control panel will appear as a pop-up in the lower section of the screen. You can use it to capture the screenshots. A part of the screen or even edit the snippets as per your preference.

Capturing a Part of the Screen using Snippets

You can capture a part of the screen using the following shortcut: “Shift+Command+4”

After you press the three keys together, a four-point crosshair will appear on the screen. You can move and drag the cursor using the space bar for more adjustments. After you are satisfied with the selection, you have to release your mouse or trackpad button to capture the screenshot.

The screenshot will appear on the screen after a few seconds. You can also see a thumbnail in the screen corner, which you can use to edit the snippet.

If you want to cancel the snippet, press the Escape (Esc) key.

Procedure to Capture a Whole Window

You can use the shortcut “Shift+command+4+space bar” to capture a whole window or a menu. After pressing the four keys together, you will find a camera icon appearing on the screen instead of the pointer.

Next, you have to click anywhere inside the window to capture the snippet. You can press and hold the option key during clicking to cut the shadow of the window or menu also.

The screenshot will be automatically captured after a few seconds. Alternatively, a thumbnail will appear on the screen in a corner. You can click on it to edit the snippet as per your preference.

If you do not want to capture the snippet, press the Esc button.

 How to Capture the Screenshot of the Touch Bar

With Mac, you can also take snippets of the touch bar. You can use the shortcut “shift+home+6” to capture the snippet of the touch bar as a png file. Alternatively, you can also copy the information from the touch bar using the shortcut key combination “up+shift+home+6”.

A Few Points that you Need to Remember

In Mac or iMac devices, the screenshots are usually saved in png format. You can find the screenshot in the files menu with a file name format “screenshot[date]at[time].png”

Besides that, you can also choose a custom location for saving the screenshots.

In some devices, users can also change their keyboard shortcuts as per their preference. Click on “System Preferences” and navigate to keyboards. From here, click on the shortcuts menu. Here you will find the “Screenshots” tab. You can edit the shortcuts key in this section.

Best Snipping Tool for Mac: Table

There are multiple tools that you can use for capturing snippets from a Mac device. There is a comprehensive table for your information:

Tool Price Security Integration Mark-ups Extra features
Droplr $6 per month Enterprise-level encryption and SSO 12 integrations Basic tools A screen recorder, cloud storage, link sharing
Snagit Flat $49.95 with add on price Medium level security 12 integrations Advanced tools Cloud storage and screen recorder available for extra price
CloudApp $9.95 per month High-level security 30 integrations Basic tools Screen recorder and cloud storage
Skitch Premium features come for $7.99 per month Medium level security 6 integrations with the main priority of Evernote Basic tools none
Apowersoft Pro Personal $129.99 and business $259.99 Medium level to high security Few available apps Advanced image editing effect Cloud storage, screen recorder, pro editing tools

Best Snipping Tool for Mac

If you are not comfortable using the snipping shortcuts of your Mac device or tend to forget them, do not worry. There are multiple snipping tools that you can use. Here are the best tools for a Mac device-

1. Droplr 

Droplr can be a good choice for organizations that need high-quality snippets for future use. This snipping tool is a value-for-money application with advanced security, cloud storage, and flexible pricing options.

Droplr also allows users to create customized GIFs using their screenshots and screen recordings. With it, you get exclusive cloud storage that you can use with your Droplr account credentials. Your screenshots will be stored in the cloud storage in a properly organized library with tags and bookmarks.

Moreover, Droplr offers enterprise-level advanced encryption and SSO to keep your data safe. Its best feature is the integration system. You can integrate Droplr with other apps or platforms to share snippets or screenshots. You can use Slack to share your device screen with others. Additionally, you can integrate this snipping tool with Photoshop with multiple editing effects.

Droplr offers a three-day free trial for Mac users. Its initial price starts at $6 per month with features like 1TB storage, click analytics, 500 GB bandwidth per month. Interested organizations can also contact the Droplr executive team for customized plans.

2. Snagit

Snagit is a specialized snipping tool for creating visual instructions for teams and others. Hence, it often helps organizations or small teams that use audiovisual images for communication.

With Snagit, you can create videos with screenshots and audio or panoramic views of web pages. It also comes with many professional tools to enhance the snippets and allows further customization.  Moreover, this snipping tool allows you to extract texts from a screenshot and paste that into a word document.

On top of that, you can also integrate this tool with Google Drive, Facebook, or Microsoft Suite for sharing snippets easily.

Snagit has a single License plan at $49.95 which supports two different devices. Government organizations, NGOs, and educational institutes can get a discounted price also. The 2021 upgrade with some added features cost an additional $34.99 alongside the base price. You can also purchase cloud storage at a yearly price of $99.95

3. CloudApp

CloudApp is ideal for those who want an alternative to Mac’s own snipping tool with a proper integration facility.

ClousApp is a cloud-based snipping tool that allows you to click screenshots, record screens, and make GIFs as per your preference. You can also share these using a URL. It also offers editing tools such as emoticons, basic drawing tools, blurring tools, etc.

It offers integration with nearly 30 apps with Zapier, Sketch, WordPress, etc.

You can use the free version, which comes with 1 minute screen recording time, 15 second GIFs and 100MB/file upload size and 5GB/link/day bandwidth, and 25 drop limit. The premium plan comes with 1 minute GIF, 1GB/file upload limit, 2GB/link/day bandwidth at a monthly plan of $9.95.

 4. Skitch

If you want a user-friendly tool, Skitch is the best option for you. Skitch is an app-based tool that allows you to capture snippets, edit screenshots. Its user interface is straightforward. It also offers seven editing tools, including text, color palette, eight colors, shapes, highlighter, a tool for blurring, cropping, and drag and drops for sharing files through emails or messaging apps.

Suppose you have an Evernote premium account (priced at $7.99 per month). In that case, you can access the Skitch premium features without any extra cost.

5. Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro

Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro comes with a Mac snipping tool. It offers cloud storage, screen recording, cloud storage, window, or full-screen recording. It allows you to save the files in different formats like jpg, png, BMP, or pdf. You can also save the videos in MP4, WMV FLV, or AVI.

It also allows you to edit and highlight the snippets or screen recordings with its pro editing tools. Moreover, you can directly share the file using an image link, HTML link format. The best feature of it is the screenshot scheduler feature.

Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro has two different plans. The personal lifetime plan comes at a price tag of $129.99. On the other hand, the business plan costs $259.99. You can also purchase individual tools at a discounted price (maximum 40% off).

How to use snipping tool on Mac

You can use Mac’s macOS exclusive snipping tool using the shortcut “Shift+Command+3” for capturing snippets. On the other hand, you can also use any of the mentioned tools as per your preference.


Mac devices come with an in-built screenshot tool, which you can use on your keyboard to capture snippets of a window, a part of the screen, or even the toolbar as per your preference. But, many people often require some extra features for capturing snippets. In such cases, using a snippet tool becomes convenient. You can choose any of these apps if you need some extra features for further editing the snippets.

Well, Mac devices have an in-built snipping tool that a user can use to capture screenshots. Besides that, there are many independent tools available in the market. The best snipping tool should be picked according to your purpose and requirements. The inbuilt tool can be enough for you if you capture screenshots only for regular usage and entertainment purposes.

On the other hand, if you need to edit the snippets further, you can use any of the tools described in this article.  The choice finally lies with you.

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