Photos not Uploading to iCloud

If you are familiar with Apple devices and their ecosystem, then you must know that iCloud plays a major role in connecting all of your devices together. This essentially means that all of your data gets synchronized across all of your devices.

So if you took a photo with your iPhone, you can easily view it on your MacBook without needing to manually transfer it. However, in some cases, this sync feature of iCloud may stop working where you might not be able to upload photos to iCloud. Since this issue can be quite frustrating, we are with a complete guide on how to fix photos not uploading to iCloud.

Fix Photos not Uploading to iCloud

While iCloud and all of its syncing features work perfectly for the most part, some of you might face issues with it in certain cases. Because such an issue can be caused due to a possible number of reasons, we are here with a complete guide on how to fix photos not uploading to iCloud. You can simply go through the following solutions and fixes one by one to fix photos not uploading to iCloud and fix all of your iCloud sync issues easily.

1. Check Apple System Status Page

Even though it is not very common, there is a possibility that Apple and iCloud servers are experiencing some issues due to which no one is able to upload photos to their Apple iCloud account. To ensure that the issue is not with Apple servers themselves, you can simply check the Apple Systems Status Page. This page will show you all of the active and inactive Apple services where you need to ensure that all iCloud-related Apple Systems are online and working. If not, then you need to wait for Apple iCloud systems to get back online before you can start uploading photos to iCloud.

2. Hard Reset your iPhone

Apart from the Apple iCloud servers themselves, there might be an issue in your Apple device itself. Such an issue can be caused due to a possible number of reasons. Usually, it is caused due to some improper system setting or configuration which is restricting your Apple iCloud from working properly. Since checking each setting and configuration can be quite time-consuming, you can simply hard reset your Apple device from its settings in general device settings.

3. Check iCloud Account

Since the photos not uploading to iCloud is an issue related to iCloud itself, it can also be specific to only and only your iCloud Account. One easy way to check the same is to switch to a different Apple iCloud account or re-login into your existing Apple iCloud account. For the same, you need to go to the Settings of your Apple Device and head over to its profile option where you can select the sign-out option. Finally, sign again with either a new Apple iCloud account or a new one.

4. Refresh the Sync

Another great way to reset the iCloud photo uploading settings is to refresh or re-enable the sync settings on your Apple device which is similar to re-logging into your device again. And unlike switching your iCloud account, refreshing the sync settings is much easier and faster. For the same, you can simply go to the Settings of your Apple device, head over to the Photos menu, and turn off iCloud Photo Library and turn it on after restarting your Apple device.

5. Check Internet Connection

As you would know, Apple iCloud relies on an internet connection for syncing all of your photos and other data. Due to this, making sure that your internet connection is working properly with enough bandwidth capacity is important. One easy way to check your internet connection is to simply open internet testing websites like which directly show you your internet bandwidth. Making sure that it is in Mbps and not in Kbps is highly important since slower speeds are not enough for Apple iCloud to work and upload photos.

6. Check iCloud Storage

Whether you are using a free iCloud account or using a paid one, all of them have a certain storage capacity limit. Unfortunately, once you have crossed this iCloud storage limit, you will not be able to upload anything to iCloud including your photos.

Thus, making sure that you have enough iCloud storage is highly important. This can be checked quite easily by going to the Apple ID menu in the Settings app on your Apple device and selecting the Manage Storage button under the iCloud menu. Here, you can check a complete breakdown of your storage drive and ensure that you have storage left for uploading photos or not.

7. Update iOS to the Latest Version

One of the best things about Apple devices is that they get a lot of regular updates. Such software updates are great for getting new features as well as getting bug fixes. This means that if you are facing the photos not uploading to iCloud due to some bug within iOS, updating your iOS to the latest version can possibly fix it. When it comes to updating iOS to the latest version, you can easily do it from the settings app itself which should possibly fix the photos not uploading to iCloud issue.


Once you have gone through this guide regarding how to fix photos not uploading to iCloud, you must know a lot about this exact issue. And if you are also facing the same problem on your Apple device, then all of these solutions can be quite handy to easily fix the photos not uploading to iCloud issue. Since we have given multiple fixes for this issue up above, surely at least one of them will work perfectly fine. If you have gone through all the information regarding how to fix photos not uploading to iCloud, make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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