IC industry in 2021: 17 chipmakers surpass $10 billion in sales

According to the highlights made available from an upcoming industry research, 17 semiconductor companies will surpass $10 billion in sales in 2021. While The McClean Report will be released in January 2022, the highlights reveal some interesting developments.

Start with AMD, NXP and Analog Devices that have emerged as mega suppliers. Though it’s no surprise that Analog Devices has become a mega supplier in 2021, thanks to its acquisition of analog and power chipmaker Maxim Integrated. According to the report, Analog Devices’ 2021/2020 chip sales are forecast to jump by 24%.

AMD has been firing on all cylinders with market share gains in processors for data center servers while it continues to serve mass markets for consumer PCs and game consoles. AMD—along with MediaTek, Nvidia and Qualcomm—is also forecast to post a sales gain of greater than 50% this year.

Source: IC Insights

Another interesting highlight: Samsung, riding on the brisk sales of DRAM and NAND flash memory chips, will be on the top of the semiconductor business chart. Its semiconductor sales are forecast to be nearly $83.1 billion in 2021.

On the other hand, Intel, moving to the runner-up position, blames ongoing strain on IC supplies that limited laptop sales. That inevitably impacted the shipments of Intel CPUs. Moving forward, Intel is betting big on its newly established foundry services group.

The report also projects a surge in demand in 5G connectivity, artificial intelligence, deep learning, virtual reality, data center and cloud-computer servers, automotive, and industrial markets. Therefore, despite setbacks at Intel and Sony, the overall picture looks promising for the semiconductor industry.

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