How to Soundproof a Car

Reports show that humans tend to find the best when they are silent, which is the major reason why Rolls Royce is the car of royals. It is said that if you drop even a pin inside the car, then you would easily hear its voice. The car is so quiet and peaceful.

Also, we have noticed that people love to spend their vacations in the mountains away from the daily rush and hushing noises because silence is the real peace. So while you are driving to your office in your car, you need to find this peace that will take you at ease and help you focus on yourself.

So in this article, we will discuss the core concept of soundproofing and various ways to soundproof your car.

How does Soundproofing a Car Work?

A sound is a form of vibration that strikes the various surfaces in a certain object, and when it reverberates, it can reach our ears. Once it reaches our ears, it is transmitted through an air drum to the cochlea. So now we hope that the main concept is understood that the sound is produced due to the vibration of waves.

If we aim at reducing the sound, we need to focus on reducing the vibrations from the surface. If the surface is solid, then the amplitude of vibrations will be maximum, whereas if the surface is liquid, the waves will be lower than the solid ones.

You are now talking about a car made up of all solid materials, which will produce the maximum number of vibrations when a sound wave strikes. On being struck by vibrations, these vibrations reverberate, and noise is produced. So to soundproof the car, you must coat the solid surface, so the vibration is not propagated. Once the vibrations are reduced, then it is an easy game to manage an upscale sound cancellation.

We have discussed the main concept of soundproofing. Now further, we will discuss various ways.

How You Should Soundproof Your Car

There are various ways to soundproof a car, and some of them are discussed below.

1. Floor Damping Mats

The car’s floor is made of pure metal to hold up seats and seaters’ weight, but this becomes the major region of sound propagation. So to soundproof the car, one must begin from the car floor. The best way to soundproof the car floors is by using mats because the mats are made of thick fabric and have multiple uses.

The mats are easily washable to keep your car clean, and also the mats absorb the sound vibration, and then the noise is not propagated. So the floor mats play a crucial role in sound propagation.

2. Insulate the Doors

Once the floor of the car is insulated, you need to work on your car doors because they are also made up of metal and can propagate sound. The major issue is that it not only sends out the car noises but also brings noise of nearby traffic in the car. So you must prevent this by insulating the door.

The doors are insulated using hard plastic or foamy material because it absorbs all forms of sound vibrations and provides a good matching to your car’s interior.

3. Insulate the Roof

The roof is made up of a sheet of iron, so it does not have any barrier, and acts as a conductor for sound vibrations propagation. So you need to ensure that you insulate your roof and do not allow any form of vibrations to go out. To do that, you can paste a sheet of hard plastic on your car roof; this way, the plastic sheet will absorb all the sound vibrations.

4. Soundproof the Trunk

Now, when you have reduced all the possible causes for a noisy car, the most ignored part of the car is the trunk. You need to work on soundproofing the trunk, which you can do by applying a thick sheet on the surface. By placing the mats on the surface absorb the maximum noises and keeps the car peaceful.

5. Change Your Tires

Now, when you have worked on all the components of your car, you have to work on the last remaining components, which are your car’s tires. These tires act as the medium to propagate ground noise to the surface.

The Size of the Tires

The greater size of the tires is directly proportional to the material of the tires. If the material between the tires is more, it will prevent the sound from propagating. So it would be best if you always went for the heavy tires.

The Width of the Tires

The width of the tire is another factor as the wider tire will be, more noise will propagate. So you must always go for the narrower tires which can absorb all the external noise.

6. The Tire Noise Rating

The tires are provided with a noise rating along with a quality rating. The quality rating tells how durable your car tires are, but the noise rating tells how much friction they can slide off. When a car moves on the friction floor, it makes loud squeaks, but when it moves on a smooth floor, its noise reduces, and this is the noise rating of the tire.


Noise is the most aggravating factor which can affect your efficiency and performance. And to perform in the best way possible; you need to make sure that you are in a silent place. People often find their zone of silence because too much noise is annoying; even while writing this article, there is complete peace.

So why should you compromise while driving so? Use the tips mentioned above and make your car soundproof.

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