How To Reduce the File Size of PDF

Documents in PDF format may be shown on any platform, gadget, and operating system, as long as they are in the correct format. By utilizing this form, you can ensure that your material is shown in a similar style, shape, and formatting across all platforms, including mobile, iOS, as well as Windows. Additionally, you may protect your secret content by password-protecting your PDF. The PDF’s sole shortcoming is its size. Because of their large file sizes, PDFs are tough to move around.

Even more time-consuming than sending an email, is the process of copying a PDF file from one laptop to another. Understanding how to decrease PDF file shape may prevent you from getting a variety of stressful situations, such as attempting to email a huge file and receiving an error message that the attachment is too big to transmit. Here are a few easy techniques for compressing PDFs and avoiding these hazardous traps.

How to Compress PDFs:

1. Reduce the PDF file size by compressing PDF:

The prospect of reproducing a PDF is frightening. Nitro PDF Pro enables you to compress PDF files and reduce their size. This enables you to delete any unnecessary space-hogging items, remove tags, as well as further reduce annoying photos.

You can use any software that provides ‘print to PDF’, like Nitro PDF Pro.

  • Open the File with Nitro Pro.
  • Navigate to File > Print.
  • Nitro PDF Creator should be selected from the range of printers.
  • By clicking Properties, you may select web-ready
  • Select OK.

Step 1. The Reduce Size option, Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 or XI:

Adobe Acrobat Pro is required to view the PDF.

  • The position of the decreased File Size function varies according to the Adobe Acrobat version. Select Document > Reduce File Size in Acrobat 9. That is the top-level Document menu.
  • Select File > Save As Other > Reduced Size PDF in Acrobat XI.
  • Under “Make compatible with,” pick the required version compatibility. Users with Adobe Reader 8 or above are able to view the pdf if they select option 8.0. OK. Save as a new file name.
  • Compare the generated pdf’s size to the previous one. It ought to be somewhat smaller than the original. If the file is sufficiently compact (less than 10 Mb) it is ready for you!

Step 2. PDF Optimizer:

If the file remains too big after completing Step 1, use the PDF Optimizer.

  • The position of this function varies according to the Acrobat version.
  • Select Advanced > PDF Optimizer in Acrobat 9.
  • Select File > Save As Other > Optimized PDF in Acrobat XI.
  • Make sure that you’ve selected “Custom” and Downsample to 75-pixel density in the settings.
  • This should result in a significant reduction in file size.
  • Then, after saving the file, open it then check the content to ensure no formatting has been flawed.

2. Make PDF Smaller with ‘Save As’:

If you are using a PDF editor like Nitro PDF Pro, you may utilise the ‘Save As’ tool to reduce the size of your PDF files.

PDF files support continuous updates, which means that any modifications you make to the file are added to the bottom of your file without requiring a total rewrite. This explains why the Save function is far quicker than the Save As a tool, as well as why Pdfs saved in this manner may be rather huge. ‘Save As’ function will completely rewrite your file and create a more compact file.

Here’s the method:

  • Launch your Nitro Pro editor and open the PDF.
  • Select File > Save As.

3. Reduce PDF File Size by Eliminating Unwanted Objects:

There are a variety of “objects” that may be deleted from your PDF file in order to reduce its size, including bookmarks as well as links, notes, specified destinations. This solution, like tip #2, needs the use of PDF editing software like Nitro Pro.

  • Nitro Pro should be used to open the PDF.
  • Navigate to File > Optimize PDF.
  • Select Reduced size > Show Details in the Optimize PDF dialogue box.
  • Select the items you want to remove.
  • Select OK and then Optimize.

4. Decrease PDF File Size by Optimizing all Images:

Optimizing all or most of the photos in a Pdf that has a large number of images may significantly reduce the size of the PDF. You have to go through the similar instructions as Step 3.


There are many tools available online which can help you to reduce the size of your pdf. The following tips are the best tips to compress your pdf. After going through these steps you will not have to face any problem while transmitting a pdf. So, make sure you have gone through all of these processes mentioned above.

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