How to Change Wi-Fi Name

Having a fast and reliable internet connection is quite necessary these days, and simply any mobile network data can’t provide you with the kind of speeds you might be needing. So, the only option left for the people is to install a Wi-Fi connection at home, right? In case you have installed a Wi-Fi router at your home recently, there are chances that your ISP has done all the setup process for you. However, while they set up the router for you, they usually don’t ask for your preferences other than the password.

So, it’s highly likely that your Wi-Fi network’s name is still something that you don’t like and want to change asap! On the other hand, if you want to change the Wi-Fi for any other reason, you should know how to do it properly without altering any other settings of the router. That said, in case you are a beginner and don’t know how to configure a router and change the W-Fi name or password, you are just at the right place. In this small and simple guide, we will explain it all to you, so keep reading this guide until the end as it is going to be a lot helpful and informative for you.

How to Change Your WiFi Name

The Wi-Fi name or the SSID, which generally appears when you search for Wi-Fi connections nearby, can be changed, yes! How long it will take you to change it depends on your router. If you are using the latest high-end router, there are chances that your router supports a mobile application that will help you access all its settings in one place. So, if that’s the situation, you can simply go to your router’s supported mobile application and change the Wi-Fi name from there.

However, if your router is a classic one, with no application support, the process is a little bit longer, but extremely easy, so there’s nothing to worry about. First of all, one thing that you should know about your router is the Admin Login credentials. So, if you have noted them down somewhere, go and get it first before we tell you about the rest of the process. If you haven’t set the Admin login details on your own, they must be on by default then, so it’s better to check for it in the router manual. Once you are done and ready to proceed, follow these simple steps to change your Wi-Fi’s name:

  • First of all, you will find an IP address at the back of your router, note it down!
  • Go to your laptop, open a web browser, and enter the IP address in the search bar.

find an IP address

  • Now, the router’s login page will appear on your screen, enter the credentials and hit the login button.

credentials and hit the login button.

  • Once you are logged in, you will be able to access all the settings that are related to your Wi-Fi router.

able to access all the settings

  • Go to Settings, and see if there are any options such as “Wi-Fi name” or “SSID”.

Wi-Fi name” or “SSID

  • If you find any of these settings there, click on it, and you will be able to enter a new name for your Wi-Fi network.
  • The changes might take a few minutes to appear, so it’s better to save and confirm the settings and restart your Wi-Fi router afterward.

enter a new name

  • That’s it, once the router reboots, you will see that you have successfully changed the Wi-Fi name.

How to Change Your WiFi Password

Although changing the Wi-Fi name is quite an easy task, the thing that you should be more concerned about is the security of your Wi-Fi network. Hence, it’s important for you to know how to change the Wi-Fi password as well. In case you accidentally told your Wi-Fi password to someone in your neighborhood, and they are misusing your Wi-Fi connection, which you obviously don’t want! The best solution is that you change the Wi-Fi password asap!

Moreover, skilled hackers can hack an easy-to-guess Wi-Fi password in minutes, so if you feel like your current password is not too strong, then it’s highly important that you should change it. So, no matter for what reason you might want to do this, how you can do it correctly is what matters the most. Hence, here are some easy and simple steps that you can follow to change your Wi-Fi password:

  • Go to any PC, and open a web browser.
  • Enter the router’s IP address, and log in as the Administrator.
  • Afterward, go to the router’s settings and look for the Security section.
  • Click on Security and make sure it’s set to at least WPA2 or WPA3.
  • Also, enter a new password, that is strong!
  • Save the settings, and restart your router to confirm the changes.

Characteristics of Good WiFi Names

1. Don’t Give Away any Personal Information

Yes, it’s typically funny that most people love naming their Wi-Fi’s after their own name or their pets. However, you should not be doing it as it basically lets everyone know that it’s your Wi-Fi network. Well, you should avoid that because sometimes people try to access Wi-Fi by trying to guess different passwords, and if they are lucky enough, they will be able to access and use your Wi-Fi connection for which you pay. Moreover, you should not set passwords like, “Karen is dumb!” or any curse words as a Wi-Fi name deliberately, it can hurt someone’s sentiments in the neighborhood, which you should not be doing.

2. Don’t Pretend to be a Public Hotspot

While naming your Wi-Fi, one of the most important things to remember is that you should never name your personal Wi-Fi network after some public hotspot such as McDonald’s Wi-Fi or Starbucks Wi-Fi. You might be thinking that it’s a great idea to hide your personal network by naming it this way.

But what actually happens is that when you name it as a public hotspot, more people nearby your network will try to connect to your Wi-Fi, which will increase the load on your router. Moreover, the interference in your Wi-Fi networks will gradually increase and you will eventually experience lesser download and upload speeds.

3. Do Use Common Sense

Choosing a Wi-Fi name is pretty simple if you are creative enough. Come up with unique and funny ideas to name your Wi-Fi network, but being within your limits is quite important. Don’t name your Wi-Fi network in a way that portrays you as an arrogant person or a complete terrorist. You can try to be funny with the names, but make sure you are not using any curse words in the name that could hurt someone or an entire community.

Also, make sure that you are not commenting on someone using your Wi-Fi name as it’s a dumb idea and you might even end up behind bars if someone complaints about it. Be friendly, or go totally anonymous by using some techy name.

4. Don’t Use the Same Name for Multiple Networks

In case you have set up multiple Wi-Fi networks, like people usually do to keep the networks separate for Work and Home-use. If you set the same name for all the networks, it’ll only make your life harder. This can lead to overutilization of your Work Network if your kids didn’t figure out the Home Network was different and they start streaming movies in 4K on your Work Network.

Characteristics of Good WiFi Passwords

1. Do Use a Combination of Letters, Symbols, and Numbers

Passwords are the most crucial thing when it comes to Wi-Fi routers as they should be strong enough to make anyone scratch their head trying to access the network without authorization. So, it’s better to set a password as strong as possible by using letters, symbols, and numbers altogether.

2. Don’t Use Common Passwords

Using common passwords is one of the major mistakes that most people make. Some people believe that it’ll be harder for them to remember a tricky password. Well, if you think so, then hacking into your network will also be equally easier for other people if you have common passwords. Never set a password like your full name, your mobile number, or simply four-zeroes. These are the worst passwords that anyone can set for their Wi-Fi network as a skilled hacker won’t even take a minute to crack them. So, it’s better to use a trick that consists of letters, symbols, and numbers.

3. Do Use a Password Longer than 12 Characters

You might be wondering why it is so important to use a longer password if your smaller password is tricky enough. The fact is that smaller passwords are likely to be easier to crack as compared to the longer ones during brute-force attacks. Using a password longer than 12 characters will make someone spend their lifetime cracking it, and that’s what you should want!

4. Do Use a Unique Password

Make sure the password you choose for your Wi-Fi network is pretty unique as it’s most likely that people will try to guess the password and try to connect to your Wi-Fi network. Choosing unique passwords means that the password should not be related to you, your name, your birth date, your work, etc. Such types of passwords are easy to guess and can be a big problem if someone cracks them. Instead, use something more personal that only you and your family know about. Otherwise, use a random code as they are more secure and no one can guess them in any way.

5. Don’t Share your Password

Sharing your personal network’s password with someone in your neighborhood can be quite disturbing. You don’t want anyone to be standing outside your house just for the sake of free Wi-Fi. So, it’s always better to not share your Wi-Fi password with anybody. However, if it’s too important for someone to access it, you can simply choose to create a guest network for them. Otherwise, you will have to change the password once they are done with their work.


As you can see, we have explained the easiest method that you can follow to change the name of any Wi-Fi connection, if you have the admin login details. Apart from that, this guide also explains how you can easily change a Wi-Fi password without making a mess of your router’s settings. Both the tasks are pretty simple, and once you get the hang of it, you won’t be needing help from such guides either.

These are some basic tasks that everyone should know, especially the owner of the router! In case you find this article a little bit informative or helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends, the ones who actually need to know about this piece of knowledge. On the other hand, if you have any further queries or doubts related to this topic, feel free to comment down below and discuss with us!

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