Dewalt vs Milwaukee – Which Tool is Better?

When it comes to the power tool industry, there are two brands that stand out over others, and they are DeWalt and Milwaukee. However, both the brands have a similar line of products, and you could be confused about which one to buy.

Going by their brand value, it becomes extremely difficult for consumers to decide from these two brands to purchase the required power tool. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed differentiation between DeWalt and Milwaukee, and you can decide for yourself whose power tools are better.

About DeWalt

DeWalt was started in the year 1924 by Raymond DeWalt. The company invented the radial arm saw, and the innovation has revolutionary for the company. The speed and accuracy of radio arm saw made the product popular and the brand something famous. DeWalt is also credited for revolutionizing the handheld and cordless power tool segment.  DeWalt is a more popular name among professionals who prefer premium power tools. DeWalt is currently owned by Black & Decker.

About Milwaukee

Milwaukee was also started in the year 1924 by A.F. Seibert of Milwaukee, and the brand became popular for its Hole Shooter which is a small power drill. Apart from that, the brand popularized its own version of hammer drills, hand grinders, and electric sanders. It is the first company to use Lithium-Ion batteries in power tools. The target customers of the brand are homeowners as well as professional users. Milwaukee is currently owned by Techtronic Industries.

DeWalt vs Milwaukee: Manufacturing

DeWalt is an international brand and has manufacturing units across many countries. The company has major manufacturing facilities in the USA, UK, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, China, and the Czech Republic. DeWalt is an American company and in the USA, DeWalt has manufacturing plants in Connecticut, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, and Tennessee.

Most of the products of the brand come with the label “Made in USA with global materials”. DeWalt also manufactures from the facilities of its parent company Stanley Black & Decker. Combined, there are over 48 manufacturing facilities in the US. With its presence in many provinces and states, it has been able to provide a steady supply of tools.

The tools of Milwaukee are primarily manufactured in the USA. Even though it’s a Hong Kong-based firm, it has its headquarters in the United States. It conducts the researches in its offices in Brookfield, Wisconsin. The company has three manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin and is looking to expand its location in Cookeville, Tennessee. Some of the products manufactured in the United States include Hole Saws, Oscillating Multitool Blades, Large Drills, Corded Sawzalls, Empire Caution Tape, Step Bits, and MX FUEL Rocket Tower Light.

It has to be noted that some of the popular accessories are made through the parent company in many locations across Asia, Mexico, and Europe. Through the parent company called TTI manufacturers, it manufactures battery-powered and cordless tools in China, the Czech Republic, Germany, Mexico, and Vietnam.

DeWalt vs Milwaukee – Product Line

20V MAX: The 20V MAX is a powerful set of tools for professionals and DIYers. This lineup has different tools like drills, impact wrenches, circular saws, angle grinders, drivers, and Sawzall. One of the best things about this lineup is that you can use any tools with same 20V – MAX battery packs. This is the main lineup of power tools for the brand.

60V MAX: 60V – MAX lineup provides extra power for heavy-duty works. The various tools in this lineup are air compressors, circular saws, just drills, rotary hammers, track saws, job site radios, and nail guns.

FLEXVOLT: FLEXVOLT is a dual volt battery bundle, which can be great for any tool. Whether you are using a 20V – MAX or a 60V – MAX tool, this will enable you to use it with FLEXVOLT. This also eliminates urgency for carrying different kinds of batteries.

M12: Milwaukee’s M12 lineup can be great for minimal professional use. It comes in a compact size and includes basic tools like impact drivers, crown stapler, jigsaws, drills, and flashlights. In comparison to 20V tools, there are lighter in weight but less powerful.

M18: For extra power, Milwaukee has come up with the M18 lineup. The medium-sized package includes tools like jigsaws, impact wrenches, routers, Sawzall, angle grinders, and multi-tools. This is the main lineup of power tools for the brand.

M18 FUEL: This line of tools offers better performance and efficiency. M18 FUEL lineup has many features including special REDLITHIUM battery packs, brushless motors, and REDLINK PLUS intelligence software and hardware. Overall, M18 FUEL is a notch better than M18.

Verdict – While Milwaukee has a wider range of products, DeWalt has a more powerful set of tools.

DeWalt vs Milwaukee: Price

  • DeWalt: DeWalt tools have affordable as well as premium price points. However, they are not budget tools. Therefore, DeWalt’s line of products is made primarily for professionals though homeowners who prefer premium products opt for them as well.
  • Milwaukee: In comparison to DeWalt, Milwaukee’s 12V lineup tools are lower in price. However, the tools of Milwaukee M18 FUEL tend to be more expensive. Therefore, there are budget as well as premium products available for both homeowners as well as professionals.

Verdict – Milwaukee has a wider price range while DeWalt settles for mid to high price range.

DeWalt vs Milwaukee: Warranty

  • DeWalt: DeWalt offers a basic warranty of three years on all of its products. Keep in mind that the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear and tool abuse. But if there is any manufacturer defect, it will be repaired or replaced without any cost. It offers free service for a year and the pneumatic tools have a warranty of seven years.
  • Milwaukee: Most of the power tools of Milwaukee come up with a warranty of five years. It covers replacements and repairs for the defective tool. However, it does not cover misuse or wear from normal use. Some of its cordless tools also have a warranty of three years.

Verdict – Milwaukee scores over DeWalt in most products with five years of warranty rather than DeWalt’s three years.

DeWalt vs Milwaukee: Customer Service

  • DeWalt: When it comes to customer service, DeWalt has come up with an online portal. You can visit the online portal to start looking for replacement parts and registering a tool to get it repaired. However, do not expect immediate help as it takes 24 hours for you to receive a response. You can use the helpline numbers for immediate response.
  • Milwaukee: Milwaukee has an awesome repair service facility. Generally, repairs are done within 10 days and shipped directly once the repair is complete. Additionally, Milwaukee has an eService that operates 24/7. Besides, the customer support team is active on helpline numbers for immediate troubleshooting and guidance.

Verdict – Both the brands have top-notch customer support service.

Direct Comparison of Products –

Cordless Drill Combo Kit – DeWalt vs Milwaukee

DeWalt DCK240C2: This is a part of the 20V MAX lineup. It comes with a charger, two batteries, and a drill. The price of the DeWalt DCK240C2 is very affordable and you will even find a carrying case. The impact rating is 3200 per minute and the no-load speed is 2800 RPM. This offers a torque of 1400 inch-pounds is only over five inches. The top drill speed is 1500 RPM and it is a bit heavy and short at 2.8 pounds and 5.355 inches respectively.

Milwaukee 2598-22 M12 FUEL: What the Milwaukee 2598-22 M12 FUEL includes is an impact driver, a hammer drill, a charger, and a single battery of 12 volts. However, the price is considerably higher. It has a maximum speed of 3300 RPM and the torque rating is 1300 inch-pounds. With just over five inches, it is also very light. When it comes to drill, it offers a top speed of 1700 RPM. The drill weighs 2.3 pounds and is 6.6 inches in length.

Brad Nailer – DeWalt vs Milwaukee

DeWalt DCN680B 18-Gauge: Weighing at 5.3 pounds, the DeWalt DCN680B 18-Gauge is designed for 18-gauge brad nails. It also lets you make depth adjustments without any tools. This also comes with a brushless motor and features a built-in LED.

Milwaukee 2746-20 18-Gauge: The Milwaukee 2746-20 18-Gauge weighs 6.3 pounds and it has the same size as DeWalt DCN680B 18-Gauge. Even this lets you make a tool-free adjustment of depth. One of the best things about this is that it can shoot three nails per second.

Circular Saw – DeWalt vs Milwaukee

DeWalt DCS570B 20V MAX: Compared to the Milwaukee 2631-20 M18, this one is affordable. It has a brushless motor and has 7.25-inch blades. DeWalt DCS570B 20V MAX has an impressive speed of 5500 RPM and can make deep cuts of up to 2 9/16-inch. You can even go for circular cuts with a 45-degree bevel.

Milwaukee 2631-20 M18: Even this one has a brushless motor and the top speed is 5000 RPM. The Milwaukee 2631-20 M18 comes with a maximum level of 50 degrees and can cut 2.5-inch deep. Just like the DeWalt DCS570B 20V MAX, this also utilizes a 7-.25-inch blade.

Conclusion – Whose Power Tools Are Better?

First of all, both the brands have a powerful set of products and depending on your requirements, you have to decide whose power tool is better. If you are a homeowner, you will find Milwaukee’s product better and affordable. However, if you are a professional, you will find DeWalt’s product better than Milwaukee’s product anytime. But we suggest that you go for a head-to-head comparison of the products from both brands before purchasing.

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