Best Facial Recognition Search Engines

In today’s world of social media and instant messaging, photos are getting shared like never before. For your information, nearly 1000 photos are getting uploaded every second on Instagram. With such an exponential rate of visual consumption on the internet, technological advancement is a necessity.

That is why facial recognition has become so handy to find out the profiles of a person from his photos through reverse image searching. Here is the list of the best search engines where you can find out all the available data online of a person from his photo.

Best Facial Recognition Search Engines

1. Google Face Recognition

Google is a popular search engine and it has come up with many new services. Google Face Recognition is one of the most widely used facial recognition search engines. You can easily look for images without using a keyword. Just use the image for similar images. On the contrary, it also lets you search with image URLs. This allows you to search for different types of photos.

Another great thing about Google Face Recognition is that you can go for Reverse image search. All you have to do is to use the camera and upload an image. Google will search the website for results. In doing so, you can know if you have any lookalike.

The best thing about Google Face Recognition is that you can even use it on your computers, mobile phones, or tablet. However, in this case, you need to have a separate software download. When you sign in to your Google account on your phone, you can look for photos directly from the gallery. It lets you do a lot more like removing a specific image or changing the label.

2. TinEye Reverse Image Search

Similar to Google Face Recognition, TinEye Reverse Image Search also lets you paste a URL or upload an image. However, it does not have any search operators allowing users to have a hassle-free operation. It can provide excellent results and you will only have to upload the image and select the arrow icon.

TinEye works great for face searches and it can even locate the image source. In this way, you will be able to track the picture location. It works fast and you can even have modified copies of the original picture. TinEye can provide you with different types of transformations including color changes, resizing, and cropping.

It is hosted by API and does not require any software. You can use it directly on your desktop or phone and save your space and time. It even helps to reconcile many pictures thereby eliminating the reliability of the metadata of the image. Another thing, which separates TinEye from Google, is that it can link the pages directly which makes it skip similar images.

3. Yandex Reverse Image Research

Yandex is extremely popular in Russia and is the Russian alternative to Google. It is from a search engine called Sibir. Yandex works just like Google and you can search with URLs as well as images. You can even go to the camera icon to select a file and upload your image.

Yandex does extremely great in finding images and it can also come with URL listings. In Yandex, you will find a content-based image retrieval system for reverse image search. It can even come up with visual phrases from all over the internet.

Moreover, it can search the images quickly so that you will be able to save time. You can have a maximum number of matched visual phrases and see the pictures similar to the uploaded one. However, Sibir is only launched in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

4. Bing Image Search

Bing is a popular search engine that has transformed itself into a competitor to Google. Bing image search can provide results in multiple tabs so that you can see it on different pages. The tabs are ‘Pages with this’ or ‘Similar images’.

Just like Google image search, it can provide you with fast results. However, it can provide images that you don’t see in your own image. It even enables you to search with the help of a URL.

Bing can provide you with all the trending and popular images and has a similar interface to Google. One of the best things about it is that it lets you have the freedom to filter the photos. Bing image search can come up with results in full image URL, thumbnails, image metadata, and publishing website information. You can even have filtering options so that there will be maximum results.

5. Pim Eyes

Here is another facial recognition search that has a similar interface to Google. PimEyes works through face and image recognition and can look at over 10 million websites. What separates it from other facial recognition searches is that it lets you use four photos at once.

It works quickly and has millions of individual face data services. PimEyes works great when you are looking for celebrity photos. It will provide accurate results and has new images of over 1 TB.

PimEyes also comes with a premium version that can provide you with a notification when there is a new image of the same face. It can provide you with high-quality search results due to modern-day algorithms. Even if the picture is in black and white, it will be able to recognize the face.

6. Berify

For people who are looking for an automated website that does all the tasks, Berify serves as the right choice. It has proprietary solutions that make it different from standard Google images.

Most importantly, it also lets you look for videos. This makes it unique from other facial recognition searches. Above all, you can search images on different platforms without any restrictions. Berify will automatically find out if somebody stole your images. It can be perfect for short movie makers, photographers, and lawyers.

7. Social catfish Reverse Image Search

With Social catfish Reverse Image Search, you will be able to look for images of a person even with the help of a phone number, user id, and email address. It has a different technique of searching images that makes it perfect for finding relevant photos from the internet as well as social media.

Social catfish Reverse Image Search is recognized by Huffington Post and uses the metadata of the image. However, keep in mind that you will not be able to find out even a single image without making any payment.

8. EyeEm Vision

With EyeEm Vision, you will be able to find different types of images for your project. Launched in 2010, it has a community of over 20 million creators. It is different from other websites and has a look similar to stock photography.

EyeEm Vision can detect the emotions as well as the concept of the image. This helps it to provide relevant and better results. By using auto-tagging technology, it can recognize the intention of the photographer. Therefore, EyeEm Vision works by creating tags for the image.

It will provide fast and efficient searching. With EyeEm Vision, you can have tags in your image when you upload it on the website. The EyeEm community can provide deep information and can also find the context of the image. This makes it ideal for business owners and photographers. It is also looking to look for the latest research for maximum accuracy. EyeEm can detect what the photographer is thinking while taking a particular shot.

9. Talkwalker Image Recognition

When you use Talkwalker Image Recognition, you will be able to find out all the brands that the image has. It works even when the image will not refer to the text. The powerful technology helps to find out the scenes as well as objects in the image.

This makes Talkwalker Image Recognition ideal for social media. It helps to influence the audience for a significant market so that there will be maximum sales. With Talkwalker Image Recognition, you will be able to analyze millions of photos on various social media platforms.

Additionally, it also helps in collaboration for future strategies. If you are looking to enhance your customer niche, then Talkwalker can be the ideal option.

10. IBM Watson Image Recognition

IBM Watson Image Recognition can find scenes in objects. It has a deep learning algorithm making it ideal for a perfect facial recognition search. Developed by IBM, it will let you have the freedom to identify your requirements.

It allows you to upload pictures on the internet and make classifications from visual content like faces, food, scenes, and colors. This makes sure that there will be maximum information. Above all, IBM also makes sure that it does not have any explicit content and is safe to use. IBM Watson Image Recognition will let you label the photos so that you will be able to process them for your project.

11. NeoFace Watch

Most state governments use NeoFace Watch as it offers maximum safety. With it, you will be able to track people and it can even help to detect threats. NeoFace Watch is a facial recognition software that helps to detect international criminals without any records.

It can provide accurate matching making it perfect for pose angle variations while looking for a face. One of the best things about the software is that it lets you use it on multiple cameras so that there will be maximum coverage. NeoFace Watch can even provide real-time alerts and can even run archived images and videos.

It comes with easy functionality and helps to track the faces of individuals even in a crowd. By using NeoFace, there will be correct identification even when the image quality is poor. It can provide correct information even when the image is as low as 24 pixels.

12. Amazon Rekognition

If you are looking to find someone from any public data, Amazon Rekognition is the one for you. The cloud-based service offers high scrutiny making it perfect for law enforcement. Moreover, you can easily scan mugshots and it can even track from videos.

Unlike other facial recognition tools, Amazon Rekognition has many other functions. It can even track texts in a video that you will not be able to see. It has a deep learning technology that makes it find out the similarities. Many popular TV channels use the tool. You can even make custom labels for better detection. This makes sure there will be maximum information for business growth.

Another great thing about Amazon Rekognition is that it can identify quickly due to the Celebrity Recognition feature. You can easily find out if the person is famous or not. Above all, you can even go for cloud service for facial analysis. By providing tags, it can project the emotions so that there will be a better understanding.

13. Pinterest Image Search

Pinterest has an easy interface and is very popular. Pinterest Image Search comes with reverse image search functions and you will only have to open the image. It has the icon of a magnifying glass and can look for similar images from many websites.

It can even let you know if your photo has been posted on Pinterest. You can do it when you pin your profile image. Pinterest can come with many of your images as well as other similar images.

14. How Old Do I Look

Developed by Microsoft, How Old Do I Look is highly addictive. It is easy to use as you will only have to upload an image. The age-guessing technology of Microsoft makes very exciting. It also serves as a trick and is very popular among youths. It can accurately guess the age within a quick time. You can try some old photos and have great fun.


You can use any of these search engines to find out more about an unknown person whose photo you have come across. It is easy to spot a person who is disturbing you online on social media and instant messaging platforms. In fact, government officials use the same technique to spot culprits by taking snaps from CCTV footage. You can use the same process to find out more about a product from its images.

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