Best Car Wash Foam Gun for Garden Hose Reviews in 2021

The car wash foam gun is an essential tool to have a perfect vehicle washing process. The foremost reason is, the foam produced here helps you in utmost cleaning of the surface. And at the same time, this foam protects your car’s paint from harsh washing as well. 

When it comes to convenience, the majority of these guns are compatible with general hose. Thus, you’ll face no difficulty in connecting the gun with your garden hose. 

But, there is a catch. Selecting an ideal car wash foam gun isn’t that easy. There are many to pick among.

This is why we’re here. To help you out in this dizzy situation we’ve come up with an ultimate list. The list includes all the superior car wash foam guns, available in the market at present. You just need to pick the most ideal one, that’s it!

But before that here’s something you need to know first.

A car wash foam gun does have several factors that make one superior among others. And before proceeding further we want you to have at least a brief knowledge about them. Starting with-

Soap Concentration Dialer

An ideal soap gun’s container comes with a dialer that allows you to take control over the foam formation. This will help you to get the desired washing experience. As you can easily cut out the soap water during general washing. 

Water Pressure

A quality soap gun will provide you with the optimum water pressure that isn’t too high and neither too low. A high water pressure might damage the body of your car. For example, headlights, and edgy corners aren’t good with high water pressure. 

Make sure, you’re only considering a soap gun of a trusted brand only. Fortunately, the list we’ve created includes only genuine brands . 

Looking for some more factors just like this? We’ve got your back. A detailed “Buying Guide” is mentioned at the bottom of this article.

But let’s hop on to the ultimate list to get the best car washing experience.

Best Car Wash Foam Gun for Garden Hose 2021

Best Car Wash Foam Gun for Garden Hose Reviews

1. Chemical Guys ACC_326 – Torq Foam Blaster

Chemical Guys

This foam gun would be a perfect fit for anyone willing to wash his car on his own. Attaching it with the garden hose is extremely easy and doesn’t require any extra tools or equipment. The gun includes a big bottle of 32Oz to carry the soapy water in it. 

This car wash foam gun is efficient to produce as much foam as you want. Thus, your car will get the perfect wash according to the dust condition. Also, in this way, you’ll be able to get a scratch-free washing experience. 

The company has effectively countered one of the major problems you face while washing vehicles with foam guns. It’s the quick consumption of foam water. Fortunately, here, you’ll get a dedicated dialer on the gun to control the dilution of the soapy water. If your vehicle is not that dirty, just turn the dialer to use less soap.


  • Optimum pressure level
  • Foam concentration dialer
  • Already trusted by thousands of customers.


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2. Clean Car USA Foam King Wash Sprayer

car wash sprayer

The Clean Car USA car wash sprayer is a complete low-pressure washer kit. Water coming out from the sprayer is meant to have the most optimum pressure level for the vehicles. Thus, the health of your car will not compromise even in edgy and sensitive areas. 

With the sprayer, you’ll get a 32Oz bottle to store the soapy water. To make your washing more convenient, this bottle is equipped with lines to have a good idea about water left. Also, you’ll not have to guess the quantity while mixing the soap and water.

At the same time, the gun is equipped with a standard garden hose attachment. It’ll quickly get connected to any of the garden hoses too without any hassle. There will be no chance of having a loose connection, allowing you to focus on the washing part completely. 

The quick-release connector is one of the features that make it worth considering. With just a single click you can switch to soapy water instead of general water. This combined mechanism makes the cleaning process a lot easier. 

Here, the nozzle is equipped with a precise rubber seal. This will ensure you get a leak-free connection. In addition to this, it’ll save a lot of water from getting wasted and will provide more desired water flow.


  • The nozzle is equipped with a rubber seal for zero leaks
  • quick release connector
  • Already trusted by thousands of customers.


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3. Adam’s Standard Foam Gun – Car Wash

Adams Standard Foam Gun

Adam’s Standard foam gun is known to produce a decent amount of suds. It doesn’t matter how wide the vehicle is or in which areas of the car you’re washing, the foam production will never dissatisfy you.

Just like any other quality foam gun, this one has also got the basics covered. The pack includes a decent-sized canister of 32 ounces for storing stuff. It’ll give you a decent amount of soapy water to work through it. 

One of the praisable things about Adam’s Standard Foam Gun is it comes with a wide fan sprayer. You’ll get three separate metering tips to control the amount of soap that comes out. Switching to the maximum will help you cover a wide area in less time and without compromising the amount of foam. 


  • Optimum pressure level
  • Comes with a wide fan sprayer


  • The foam formation amount might disappoint you

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4. Novosun Car Wash Sprayer 

Novosun Car Wash Sprayer

The Novosun Car Wash foam is good to go with every garden hose. It quickly gets connected and doesn’t require any additional hassle or connecting process. If you’re having an American Standard Thread of ¾ inch, unscrew the quick connector with a wrench for easy connection. 

Here’s something that adds convenience to your washing experience. This foam gun is equipped with an adjustable foaming stick. You can easily adjust this stick in parallel or vertical to get the desired soapy solution. 

The two-in-one function of the foam gun provides you with the perfect washing you wished for. Either you can use it for general washing purposes just by using the water. Or, the foam generating wand will start generating enough sud to wash your diary car within a few minutes. 

Another feature that makes Novosun foam guns stand apart is the adjustable water pressure. You can easily get the desired water pressure according to your needs. There’s a metal clip on the handgrip of the gun that makes it super easy to control the flow. Thus, you’ll be able to save a lot of water and time during car washes. 


  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Adjustable foaming stick
  • Budget pick


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5. SwiftJet Car Wash Foam Gun Sprayer

SwiftJet Car Wash Foam Gun Sprayer

Swiftjet brand is one of the trusted names in this industry. The company is widely known for the quality and reliable products they provide. And its spray gun reflects the same theory. Let’s have a deeper insight into it.

There’s no need to waste the soapy solution you created by devoting some time. If the vehicle isn’t that dirty and is okay with the normal washing just adjust the soap concentration with the help of a dialer. There’s a 6-level foam dialer to pick the correct soap and water ratio according to your needs. 

This car wash foam gun is easily connected with any of the garden hoses. At the same time, you’ll not have to worry about any possible damage that occurred to any of the connector 

sides. Simply screw and unscrew the ends with your bare hands to get the work done. 

Another thing that makes a difference is the great customer support, SWIFT JET provides. It doesn’t matter what issue you’re facing or dealing with any faulty component, the company is there for you. You just need to mail or dial their customer support. 


  • Optimum pressure level
  • 6-level foam concentration dialer
  • Already trusted by thousands of customers.
  • The package also includes wash mit


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6. Ordenado Hose Wash Sprayer

Ordenado Hose Wash Sprayer

Ordenado car wash foam gun is another great alternative that ensures quality materials only. You’ll never encounter any leakage or damaged parts here. Let’s have more insight about what the company offers along with the foam gun.

Starting with the quality first, as said above it’s top-notch. For example, the connector is equipped with high-quality brass fittings to ensure a leak-free connection with any garden hose. Moreover, the complete body of this gun is built with chemically resistant HDPE for long life. 

Another great feature here you get is its adjustable foam sprayer. The dialer installed on the container will allow you to choose the thickness of the forum according to the needs of the vehicle. With the five different settings, you can deal with both hard-to-reach and wide-area surfaces of any vehicle. Needless to say, this foam gun comes with 2 in 1 function. Thus, you can either wash the car with foam or with general water. 

Here’s something that makes an Ordenado foam gun worth considering. There’s an extended filter at the end of the pipe. It filters out all the possible debris and other particles that can cause any damage to the body of your vehicle. In addition to this, you also get a water pressure control handle to make things more convenient. 


  • Includes filter
  • Foam concentration dialer


  • The foaming wand might come out frequently 

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7. AgiiMan Car Wash Foam Gun 

AgiiMan Car Wash Foam Gun

Looking for a budget-friendly solution that doesn’t compromise the quality of washing? Well, the AgiiMan car wash foam gun is worth considering for that. The company provides you with all the necessary features and also has excellent customer support as well. 

The foam gun is completely compatible with any of the garden hoses. You’ll not require any tool or equipment for establishing a connection. However, you should remove the brass connector from the bottom of the handgrip to get an easy connection process every time.

The AgiiMan also provides you with a double filter for quality washing even at this price range. This filter is located on the foam cannon side to prevent any possible debris particle flow through the gun. Thus, maintaining the utmost safety of the body of the vehicle. 

Don’t want to waste soap water at every minute of washing? Well, with the foam adjustable dialer, you’ll not have to worry about it. There are six different concentration modes to get the most accurate foamy water according to the condition of the vehicle.

As said earlier, Agiiman will also provide you with great customer support. If you’re having any issue with the product, contacting them would be the most reasonable step here. 


  • Pressure level adjuster
  • Foam concentration dialer
  • Great customer support
  • Comes with a double filter


  • Nothing worth mentioning at this price range. 

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8. TRKIMAL Car Washing Foam Gun Soap Foam Blaster

TRKIMAL Car Washing Foam Gun

TRIKIMAL car washing foam gun provides you with optimum low-pressure water for a satisfying cleaning experience. It’ll not harm the body of your vehicle in any way, regardless of its edgy surface or wider portion. 

You’ll get a quality metal filter here to ensure the utmost safety while washing. This metal mesh filter effectively filters all the dent and scratch causing particles away from flowing with the water. Thus, the paint of your vehicle will not go off due to washing.

The gun comes with a high-quality brass connector to establish a leak-free connection. In addition to this, there’s also a rubber-sealed loop inside the ratio dial to back things up. Besides, you can use this gun with any general garden hose with minimal to zero difficulties. 

Needless to say, the company also provides you with the foam concentration dialer. With this, you can easily get the desired soapy solution according to the needs of the washing. Thus, your soap water will not get used very quickly. 


  • Comes with a metal filter
  • Budget pick


  • Nothing worth mentioning at this price range

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9. KONPARD Foam Cannon

KONPARD Foam Cannon

Looking for a complete washing kit to purchase everything together. The KONPARD also provides you with a high-quality hose so that you need nothing separately. Apart from that, everything includes only quality material. 

Starting with the foam concentration dialer that helps you to set the amount of soap water used. You can easily change the dialer located on the container to get the desired soapy water. Also, you can save it if the car is good to go with general washing only. 

Here, you’ll get a 50ft long hose to achieve all the distance from your water outlet. At the same time, this hose uses a high-density double-layer latex core material for utmost insulation. 

At the same time, the 3300D polyester fabric ensures the hose will not break or have any leakage issues. There are also quality brass connectors at the end for establishing a firm connection with the gun.


  • Also includes a 50ft hose.
  • Foam concentration dialer
  • Build with durable material.


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Buying Guide

1. Soap Concentration Dialer

It might seem a simple and quick process in the beginning, but everyone will hate to make soap water too frequently. At the same time, it makes no sense to use soapy water in a normal car wash. If the car isn’t too dirty, you’ll require zero to minimum sud in the process. On the other hand, if the car is too shabby and covered with dust, you might need a bit more than normal.

This is why make sure the container of your soap gun you’re considering comes with a concentration dialer. The majority of the brands will provide you with a dialer capable of producing 5 or 6 different concentration levels.

2. Water Pressure 

The water pressure is probably the most important factor to consider when it comes to foam guns. An optimum water pressure range is critical to maintaining. The reason behind this is a  low pressure will not be of any use, and more pressure might harm the body of your car. 

A good way to make sure you’re getting the optimum pressure is by only considering the trusted brands. Also, you can opt for the foam gun that allows you to handle the water pressure with a lever on the handle. 

3. Filter

Having a filter attached to the end of the spray gun might seem useless in the beginning. But, there are possibilities the water coming through the hose is containing debris and other dust particles. These particles can also damage the paint of the body of a car. 

It’ll be a wise decision to rely on a filter to eradicate such cases. Moreover, many foam guns even come with double filters to make sure nothing goes to the other side. 


The top tier list is mostly composed of competitors having almost equal feats. The winner is not declared that easily in such a situation. The same issue arises with the foam gun too. You can’t declare the winner, all you can do is pick the most ideal one for you.

Don’t spend too much time wondering and confusing yourself for the final decision. The bottom line is, it should follow the buying guide and have satisfying customer reviews.

However, we would love to suggest our favorite foam spray gun. Going with the Chemical Guys will provide you with the utmost washing experience. It comes with all basics covered and is trusted by thousands of customers. 

As an alternative to this, you can also opt for KONPARD Foam Cannon, if looking for a complete kit. 

To save some money on your purchase, the most worthy economical foam gun would be Novosun Car Wash Foam Gun

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