AVG Secure VPN Review

If go to the website you will be in the market for a new antivirus, you might like to check out AVG secure. This company has a various products that will keep your computer safe from viruses, spyware, and other forms of harmful software. In this review, all of us will go over some of the popular features of this software to help you make up your mind about regardless of whether to purchase this. After reading this article, you have to be more educated about this anti-virus program.

AVG Secure would not monitor activity logs, beginning IP address, or DNS requests while linked. It also would not store your details for more than 30 days, unless you break the AUP. AVG Secure also offers a limited volume of P2P servers, which can result in reduce speeds during peak hours and decreased stability. For anybody who is a heavy torrenter, you may want to look for another VPN that concentrates on P2P.

If you need help with AVG, you can contact the company for any refund within just 30 days of purchase. The company’s website includes links to conversation support and customer support contact numbers. Besides customer care phone numbers, the company’s website seems to have links to its App-store and Google Play shop. If you need benefit a specific AVG product, you are able to contact a customer support representative. You can also get FAQ webpages available for standard concerns and technological problems. AVG Secure VPN’s website also includes an FAQ page.

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