Analog Layout Engineer Sykatiya Technologies

Experience level: 3-8 years

  • Good experience in handling Cadence VLE/VXL and Mentor Graphic Calibre DRC/LVS
  • Experience in handling analog layout of Temperature sensor, PLL, ADC, DAC, LDO, Bandgap, Ref Generators, Charge Pump, Current Mirrors, Comparator, Differential Amplifier etc.,
  • Strong Analog Layout fundamentals (e.g., Matching, Electro-migration, Latch-up, coupling, crosstalk, IR-drop, active and passive parasitic devices etc.) and also layout effects on the circuit such as speed, capacitance, power and area etc.,
  • Need Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Location: Hyderabad

Company: Sykatiya Technologies

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